Another flawed charter school study

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Blog

Another flawed study purporting to show that charters are superior to public schools. This one is co-authored by Paul E Peterson, a pro-charter ideologue and fellow at the right wing Hoover Institute. Like his Hoover colleague Erik Hanushek, Peterson crunches numbers with no quality control checks for validity. In this case, a supposed longitudinal study of student progress makes no effort to track the same students through time, so that we can’t tell who is being compared to whom on NAEP scores.

Peterson is a distinguished professor at Harvard. It’s shameful how shabby researchers like these rise to prominence in Academia because of backing by monied interests.


Written by<a href="" target="_self">Dr. Pete Farruggio</a>

Written byDr. Pete Farruggio

With 25+ years of experience in bilingual education as a teacher, licensed reading specialist, program evaluator, teacher coach, resource teacher, professional development expert, community outreach coordinator, and teacher educator, all in Northern California, I'm highly motivated to improve the opportunities for students.